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Welcome To Maudify

Our MISSION is to help you generate more profit with digital marketing.

In our experience performing SEO and other digital marketing campaigns we have learned a very important thing:

To sustain your business or take it to the next-level in this day and age you have to perform digital marketing and SEO campaigns.

Although we are a well rounded digital marketing agency, we like putting all our focus to SEO, search engine optimization.

When it comes to search engine optimization we have developed a cutting-edge strategy that we can tailor to your business so that you can maximize results.

Your business is not something to take lightly, therefore, you cannot trust your business with just anyone that calls themselves an SEO expert. Other “SEO agencies” have fallen off the map once search engines make an improvement on their algorithms thus affecting their clients as well. Unlike them, our mission is to keep your website safe while getting you the results you are looking for.

“The Best Place To Hide a Dead Body Is On Page 2 of Google’s Search Results.”

SEO 101

SEO stands for search engine optimization, referring to a process that places your website higher up in the results of different search engines.

This form of marketing targets people who are already looking for your goods and services.

This is mostly done through the promotion of different search terms known as keywords. These keywords are the ones that most customers are searching.

It also has a higher conversion rate than many other forms of marketing. People who click on your website are likely to buy now or at some point in the future.

Top 6 benefits of running an SEO campaign

Increase in Traffic

Massive increase in visitors to your website. Not just any visitors but visitors that are specifically looking for your products or services

Steady Stream Of Customers

SEO provides a steady stream of customers that can grow your customer base at least 2x faster than businesses not running an SEO campaign

Increase Revenue

More Traffic + Steady Stream of Customers= Increase in Revenue.
Find out in exact dollars how much your business can gain by performing SEO to your website

More Effective Than Traditional Marketing

While other marketing strategies are still important, the ability to rank high on search engines is actually more effective at bringing people into a business consistently.

Trust & Brand Awareness

SEO is great for maximizing your brand’s trust and credibility thus, making your brand stronger and well recognized

Defeat The Competition

SEO has the power to overthrow competitors online. Ranking high than your competitors places your business as  a leader in your field


Your Competitors Are Currently Running or
Have Performed SEO on Their Website.


Search Engine Optimization is becoming many businesses main marketing strategy

As more of your competitors optimize their websites, that can cause your web presence to be pushed down leading customers right to their company.

Your business will NOT be able to compete if you do not utilize SEO.

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